Lucky Strike Cigarettes

high quality Lucky Strike cigarettes have worked all the way from the bottom to reach the top position in cigarette market. Initially they were known for their chewing tobacco product and later they developed as the manufactures of filter less cigarettes. The real development and growth of the brand started in 1900s when it was sold to American Tobacco Company. The company even used their production method in form of slogans for advertising their brand. The first slogan of the company, “It’s toasted”, was inspired from their production method. This slogan was used to spread the message their manufacturing involves toasting of tobacco leaves rather than drying them up. The unique flavor and aroma of these cigarettes was the result of this toasting only. “Lucky Strike means fine tobacco” was another slogan used by the company to ensure their customers about the quality of tobacco used in manufacturing of these cigarettes. The overall sale of Lucky Cigarettes shot up to 300 percent with the help of these ad campaigns.