President Cigarettes

high quality With its cool, casual and sensuous effects, President Cigarette brand is one of the most favored brands among smokers. It offers best quality at a striking price.
Papastratos is the manufacturer of this great brand and boastful of being the leading producer and distributor of tobacco products across Greece. Phillip Morris International (PMI) acquired this company in 2003 and continued the production of the cigarettes.
The specialty in these cigarettes as experienced by smokers is its aroma that expresses a variety of hues that can reflect every feeling that the smoker could be experiencing. The dispersion of its aroma with that relaxing scent is sure to set your moods right. Your every emotion is definitely set to rise along with the intensity of the smoke and its scent.
Reflecting on the image of a relaxed smoker that can often be described by a peaceful person completely at ease with his smoke is the picture that can be described as the product’s image. There is no doubt that such cigarettes can be very sensual and seductive.